Fr. Des Hogan’s Garden of Remembrance

Here we see some photos taken to display the lovely garden completed in memory of Fr. Des. Hogan.

The garden is built in the Senior School in Mountview in honour of Fr. Des.

Fr. Des was a very keen gardener and loved flowers and shrubs of all types.


The area is located in a courtyard and classrooms open onto it. In fine weather children and teachers can utilise this space for classroom activities.

The choice of planting would have pleased Fr. Des greatly.



img 4074s

img 4062s

img 4063s

Fr Des would have loved to hold court in this area with pupils and teachers as both schools were very close to his heart.

img 4070s


img 4072s

img 4073s

These flags repesent the amount of work put in by teachers and pupils,the two outside green flags were awarded to our school for the high level of recycling achieved by pupils under guidance of their teachers.

img 4075s

img 4076s

img 4077s

img 4078s

img 4079s

img 4080s

The mosaics displayed are spread around the walls of the garden. They were created by the pupils under guidance of their teachers and show the high level of artistic ability achieved for the project.

img 4082s

img 4084s

img 4088s

The garden serves as a fitting tribute to Fr. Des’ love of gardens and nature. He would also be very pleased to have it to perpetuate an appreciation of nature in the school in time to come.


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