Notes about your Marriage Arrangements


PRE-MARRIAGE PAPERS (PRE NUPTIAL ENQUIRY PAPERS): These are prepared by the Parish Priest in which each of you live at present. You should contact him not later than four months before the date of your Wedding. Please ensure that the completed papers arrive at our Parish not less than one month before the date of your Wedding.

Your priest will require:-

  1. Baptismal Certificate of recent date – obtained from the church of your Baptism. Confirmation Certificate if this is not noted on your Baptismal certificate. Available from the Church of your Confirmation.
  2. Proof of Freedom Form for any place of residence of over six months duration. Perhaps it would be best to consult the Priest first. He will advise you on what you need to get.
  3. Copy of your Pre-Marriage Course certificate

Please pay particular attention to the NOTIFICATION TO THE REGISTRAR OF INTENTION TO MARRY. The marriage cannot proceed without this being attended to. This must be attended to in person at least six months before the date of your Wedding. Part 6 of the Civil Registration Act 2004 commenced on Monday, 5th November, 2007. Please check out “getting married” part of for more information.

Non Parishioners

Couples who are not parishioners of St. Philips may provide their own priest for the ceremony. The name and address of the priest must be supplied on the Confirmation Form. It is the responsibility of the couple to ensure that the person they wish to solemnise their marriage is on the Register of Solemnisers. The register is available for inspection at the Registrar’s Office or the “getting married” part of . Please contact the parish if your solemniser (priest) lives outside the state.

Pre Marraige Course

Attendance at a Pre-Marriage Course is strongly recommended to all couples. Early booking is essential, as places are limited. Please phone one of the following:- ACCORD at 478 4400 or; NAOMI at 8786156; Milltown Institute (Jesuit Community) at 2698411 or; All Hallows College at 8373745; or Mount Argus at 2694257. For Interchurch Pre-Marriage Course, please contact Embrace at 4784400


  • Music: All music must be liturgical. If you are in any doubt please contact the Parish.
  • Flower arrangements:
    • Arrangements may be provided by the Parish if you wish. You may discuss with the Parish
    • Pots and other out-door arrangements must be removed after the wedding
  • Confetti: Confetti or Flower Petals may not be used.
  • Practice: Arrange with the Parish Priest
  • Photography: Your photographer will be expected to be professional and show respect and decorum which is appropriate to the Sacredness of the occasion and place. Arc lamps for video recordings are not permitted.
  • Offering: It is customary to make an offering to the Priest on the day of your Wedding, as well as to the Sacristan.
  • Web Site: Visit – – a useful and informative Irish site on marriage preparation for engaged couples.


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